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Welcome to VDL Hapro

VDL Hapro is an innovative, international company founded in 1982 and based in the Netherlands, in Kapelle, Zeeland. We focus on the development, production and assembly of tanning and skin improvement equipment, and we develop and produce roof boxes, bike carriers and roof carriers as part of our travel brand Hapro. Through years of innovation and product development, we have grown into one of the leading companies in the international wellness and travel market with our successful brands Hapro and Luxura.

We manufacture our products entirely in the Netherlands. In our modern and spacious development and production plant, we have all knowledge and resources available to develop our products from idea to finished product. This way, we continue to maximize investment in the strength of our brands, while always being mindful of our footprint: we manufacture in a circular way as much as possible by using recycled materials for our products.

“I really enjoy creating a product that is used all around the world”